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Turn Your Passion into Customers as a Micro-Teaching Hero

At Gruply we firmly believe that you have knowledge that is valuable to someone else. Our mission is to unlock that gold with the right tools and know-how.

We democratize microlearning, making it accessible for anyone.

Gruply Features

Gruply establishes you as an expert, increases your influence and helps you generate leads with micro-learning on the web, social media, email, and text. Meet the features that make it all possible.

Amazing Video Stories

Mesh together video, photos, music, voice-over and showcase your expertise with easy vlogging.

Engaging Micro Courses

Quickly turn video stories into complete micro courses with chapters and interactive quizzes.

Deliver Anywhere

Provide bite-size content nuggets anywhere: Web, App, SMS, email and social media

Capturing 3D Animations

Make your content stand out with Augmented Reality and animated backgrounds, text and transitions.

Interact with Chat

Become an influencer and build your community with chats.

Interesting Groups

Build your community with groups for masterminds, co-learning, mentoring, topics and anything else you can imagine.

Powerful Search

Easy content discovery with topics and the world's leading search technology built right into the core.

Easy Mini Sites

Enhance your vlogs, course material and groups with zero friction websites. No coding needed.

Integrated Payment

Turn your passion into cash. Charge for courses, mentoring and mastermind groups.

74%of all web traffic is video
57 sechow long people are focused learners
8 secthe attention span of people

Win Your Audience with Micro Content

Did you know goldfish focus longer than humans? As smartphones won the world, our attention span dropped from 12 to 8 seconds.

Science tells us that beyond 57 seconds people begin to lose focus on their learning.

With Micro Content:

  • you catch the attention of people
  • maximize learning and impact
  • cheap to make
  • easy to consume
  • can spread quickly and go viral

Look, we're all busy. Getting people to watch 30 - 60 minute videos is a though sell. However, we all have many 57-second learning opportunities, while waiting:

  • ...for the bus
  • line at the grocery store
  • ...for the laundry to finish
  • ...for the kids getting dressed

Gruply let you deliver 57 second content nuggets that people will actual watch, interact with and learn from.

Gruply provides an excellent user experience and ease of use, plus it's blazing fast. We're implementing it to boost the impact of our weekly service.

Frode Eikrem
Vicar in the Church of Norway

Skyrocket Your Content Production

Stop banging your head towards the keyboard for hours trying to force out content.

Just swipe your phone and mesh together micro-content on the fly. Be done with it in seconds.

Gruply makes content creation fun and efficient:

  • Media planner with calendar
  • Music library (on attribution needed)
  • Engaging 3D-filters
  • Animated backgrounds
  • Draw fun pictures and add text

Update your video blog in seconds or produce a complete micro-course in minutes. That's how easy it is.

Accelerate Relations and Build the Community of Your Dreams

When you build a group on Facebook or other social media, the group belongs to Facebook.

Avoid the agony of waking up one day and see your community being shredded to parts by the algorithm of a big corporation.

Gruply plug into your existing website or we host under your domain. You own your community.

Accelerate your community with groups and persistent chats for:

  • Co-learning
  • Masterminds
  • Mentoring
  • Special interest

Gruply's ease of use helps you stay consistent producing content, while the groups and chats accelerate your tribe.

Build your dream community using a few minutes every day.